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Organized for the second time, the International Society of Participatory
Mapping (ISPM) conference brings together scholars, planners and
practitioners working with participatory mapping and spatial participatory
methods. Hosted by Aalto University in Finland, the 2019 conference
provides a platform for presenting recent advances within the field of
participatory mapping and initiating discussion on the current state and
future directions of the research.

Rapidly increasing applications of participatory mapping methods within and
beyond academia challenge the community to enhance transdisciplinary
collaboration and to advance the circulation of good practice. With the
theme “Let the people map”, the ISPM 2019 conference invites us to approach
these questions with a special focus on novel ways of facilitating dialog
between participatory mapping researchers and practitioners.

The Keynote speakers and panel discussions will be recorded and streamed
live during the event. You can find out more information at the ISPM C
<http://ispm-conference.com/>onference Website.
Click to See the Conference Program!
*LIVE STREAMING * ISPM Is offering a live stream of some portions of the
conference at Aalto University. All times are Eastern European Summer Time
(GMT+3) To access the live stream, click here.

   - Monday June 17 10:00-10:45 am Keynote: Professor Greg Brown
   - Monday June 17 15:30-17:00 pm Panel discussion ”Research views to
   participatory mapping”
   - Tuesday June 18 09:00-09:45 am Keynote: Senior City Planner Scott
   - Tuesday June 18  09:45-10:30 am Keynote: Professor Billie Giles-Corti
   - Tuesday June 18 15:30-16:45 pm Panel discussion ”Views from practice
   to participatory mapping” Wednesday June 19 09:00-09:45 am Keynote: Dr.
   Sara Ramirez Gomez
   - Wednesday June 19  09:45-10:30 am Keynote: Professor Piotr Jankowski

ISPM Travel Award Recipient

The postdoctoral researcher Carolina Carvalho uses participatory mapping to
map socioenvironmental important issues in the city of Guarulhos, São
Paulo, Brazil.

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ISPM Travel Award Recipient

ISPM Secretary sits down with 2019 ISPM Award Recipient *Nicolás Gómez
Andújar* to talk about Participatory Mapping in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

More on this...
*ISPM Searches for Editorial Board for Upcoming Journal * Our Executive
Committee is searching for a dedicated scholars and junior scholars to lead
our new Editorial Board for a journal on participatory mapping. The
Managing Editor will be responsible for the recruitment of the (editorial)
advisory board of experts in the field of GIS, community geography,
indigenous rights, urban and rural planning, participatory geodesign, and
other subfields. Current Editorial Board includes Jirka Pánek, Michael
McCall, and Jon Corbett.

*The Editorial Board Members: *

-Review Submitted Manuscripts;
-Advise on Journal Policy and Scope;
-Identify Topics for Special Issues, which they may guest edit;
-Attract new authors and submissions;
-Act as advisers in cases of complex publishing ethics allegations;
-Ideally submit some of their own work for consideration by the journal.

For all serious inquiry, please email ISPM Executive Secretary
Charla M. Burnett at  contact at pmappingsociety.org
<contact at pmappingsociety.org?subject=Editorial%20Board&body=Please%20send%20me%20more%20information%20about%20the%20editorial%20board%20positions%20available!>
*Carolina Monteiro de Carvalho (2019) "Participatory mapping for
socioenvironmental urban governance towards sustinable cities, a study case
in Guarulhos, Brazil", School of Public Health, São Paulo University,

Are you passionate about Participatory Mapping?

The International Society for Participatory Mapping (ISPM) is searching for
Executive Board Members and Special Advisers to help support our Mission!
Contribute to our online database of Participatory Mapping Projects!

Our members contribute to crowd sourced databases on our website. We are
searching for participatory mapping software, forums, publications, and
projects from around the world. Our goal is to build a comprehensive global
database that provides contributors, policy-makers, and the public with a
comprehensive overview of the field. Our Website: pmappingsociety.org
*Participatory Mapping Crowdsourced Project*
Our PMC Project can connect your work with other participatory mappers from
across the globe. We use the content you submit to keep our members up to
date and create regional resource hubs. This will better help us understand
where we should focus academic research goals and provide technology and
travel resources to underrepresented communities. *Click on the map to
check it out. *
If you have a lot of projects, we also can do batch uploads. Just email
contact at pmappingsociety.org
<contact at pmappingsociety.org?subject=Batch%20Uploads%20&body=Can%20you%20please%20send%20me%20the%20template%20for%20the%20batch%20uploading%20process.%20Thank%20you.%20>
more details. Check out our website: pmappingsociety.org
<http://landscapevalues.org/ispm/>and all the ways you can contribute!
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