[PPGIS] Request for your participating mapping experiences

Gregory Gordon Brown ggbrown at calpoly.edu
Mon Jul 9 17:31:56 EDT 2018

Hi all,

Do you create, use, or do research involving participatory maps and mapping?

A team at UBC and Carleton University are interested to hear what you think are the best examples of participatory mapping projects and how they have inspired your own mapping work.

We want to use this material to understand how the practice and principles of participatory mapping has evolved and matured over the past three decades.

Kindly take 5 minutes to full out this short survey to share your ideas and experiences.  Just click on this link:


We will post the results back to the list serve once they are collected and analyzed.

Many thanks in advance,

Jon Corbett
Spatial Information for Community Engagement Lab
University of British Columbia | Okanagan Campus | Syilx Territory
1147 Research Way,  Kelowna, B.C., Canada, V1V1V7

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