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International Society of Participatory Mapping
Click Here <http://landscapevalues.org/ispm/membership-get-involved/>
 Become an ISPM Member!

We are now open for ISPM Membership! Benefits include access to our forums,
databases, monthly updates (including job openings and new software), and
our bi-annual ISPM Conference (see below for more information). We offer
professional and student rates in addition to waiver programs for those in
need. All funds raised through membership support our travel waiver program
to ISPM conferences and workshops (and soon to be research grant
support) for those in economic need.

*The mission of the International Society on Participatory Mapping (ISPM)*

The Society’s objectives are to encourage and support the development,
experimentation, evaluation, and application of participatory mapping
methods globally in order to foster interaction and research in this
scientific field, and to coordinate with other organizations in the study
of participatory processes, mapping, and quantitative analyses. The Society
places a strong emphasis on fostering opportunities between the Global
North and South in order to promote a more equal distribution of knowledge
and resources across fields, including marine and environmental planning,
urban and rural planning, public policy, counter mapping, and indigenous

These purposes are to be carried out by:

   - Facilitating global communications,
   - Providing academic assistance with ideas, methods, and contacts,
   - Sponsoring international conferences for the exchange of ideas and
   dissemination of results,
   - Encouraging special purpose workshops and student knowledge exchanges,
   - Publishing the electronic newsletter, and
   - Encouraging an environment of international colleagueship and
   friendship across the globe.

The Official Bylaws <http://landscapevalues.org/ispm/ispm-bylaws-2/> outline
the organizational structure of the Society.

We ask that you become an official member to help support our mission to
provide educational opportunities to those in economic need.


The Executive Committee
International Society of Participatory Mapping

Our Committee comprises of specialized professionals and academics in the
field of participatory mapping and geospatial planning. To see a complete
list of Committee Members, click here.
Join Us- Let the People Map!
This is an invitation to submit proposals for sessions in the second
International Society of Participatory Mapping (ISPM) conference, to be
held June 17-19, 2019 in Espoo, Finland.  ISPM conference 2019 will bring
together top researchers from around the world to exchange research for the
presentation of work in fields related to public participatory mapping and
GIS (PGIS and PPGIS) with emphasis on applications in both research and
Proposals for such sessions are hereby solicited. A proposal should
identify a coherent topic that can be addressed by at least 3 papers.

Session proposals must be maximum 600 words – including all the information

Submit Proposal Here <http://ispm-conference.com/session_proposals/>
Contribute to our online database!

Our members contribute to crowd sourced databases on our website. We are
searching for participatory mapping software, forums, publications, and
projects from around the world. Our goal is to build a comprehensive global
database that provides contributors, policy-makers, and the public with a
comprehensive overview of the field. Check out our website: pmappingsociety.org
<http://landscapevalues.org/ispm/>and all the ways you can contribute!
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