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Greg Brown greg.brown at uq.edu.au
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Hi all,

    I uploaded a new publication to the PPGIS & Landscape Values website.  The publication evaluates the use of spatial value transfer methods for cultural ecosystem services.  Spatial value transfer is a process whereby the ecosystem services located in one region (originating region-primary data) are spatially transferred to another region (transfer region) using the empirical relationship found between the services and physical landscape (land cover/land use) in the originating region. Why would one do this?  Assessing and measuring the distribution of ecosystem services is a time and resource intensive activity.  In the absence of primary ecosystem services data, the distribution of ecosystem services can be estimated based on relationships found in other regions.

    A link to the article is located here: http://www.landscapemap2.org/publications/valuetransfer_forweb.pdf

    Here is the abstract:

An empirical evaluation of spatial value transfer methods for cultural ecosystem services

A significant barrier to the assessment of ecosystem services is a lack of primary data, especially for cultural ecosystem services. Spatial value transfer, also known as benefits transfer, is a method to identify the probable locations of ecosystem services based on empirical spatial associations found in other geographic locations. To date, there has been no systematic evaluation of spatial value transfer methods for cultural ecosystem services identified through participatory mapping methods. This research paper addresses this knowledge gap by examining key variables that influence value transfer for cultural ecosystem services: (1) the geographic setting, (2) the type of ecosystem services, and (3) the land cover data selected for value-transfer. Spatial data from public participation GIS (PPGIS) processes in two regions in Norway were used to evaluate spatial value transfer where the actual mapped distribution of cultural ecosystem values were compared to maps generated using value transfer coefficients. Six cultural ecosystem values were evaluated using two different land cover classification systems GlobCover (300m resolution) and CORINE (100m resolution). Value transfer maps based on the distribution of mapped ecosystem values produced strongly correlated results to primary data in both regions. Value transfer for cultural ecosystems appear valid under conditions where the primary data and value transfer regions have similar physical landscapes, the social and cultural values of the human populations are similar, and the primary data sample sizes are large and unbiased. We suggest the use of non-economic value transfer coefficients derived from participatory mapping as the current best approach for estimating the importance and spatial distribution of cultural ecosystem services.

Greg Brown
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