[PPGIS] New paper comparing instrumental and deliberative paradigms for mapping social values for ecosystem services

Chris Raymond chris.raymond at enviroconnect.com.au
Fri Aug 29 23:45:12 EDT 2014

Dear PPGIS Group,


The attached paper entitled "Comparing instrumental and deliberative
paradigms underpinning the assessment of social values for cultural
ecosystem services" was recently published in Ecological Economics.  Here we
discuss the strengths and weaknesses of instrumental and deliberative
paradigms regarding the assessment (including mapping) of social values and
then present a pragmatic paradigm which integrates the qualities of both.
We hope that it serves as a theoretical foundation for future research into
the non-monetary assessment of social values for cultural ecosystem
services, including the use of PPGIS techniques to map them.


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Dr. Christopher Raymond

Director, Enviroconnect


Research Fellow

Geography & Environmental Studies

University of Tasmania


Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Barbara Hardy Institute

University of South Australia


+61 423 299 986

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chris.raymond at enviroconnect.com.au

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View publications at: www.researchgate.net/profile/Christopher_Raymond



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